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Maine's 129th Legislature sworn in Featured

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AUGUSTA - It was swearing-in day for the 129th Maine Legislature. New lawmakers are getting ready for the next session, and today they elected the new constitutional officers.

In November, Democrats won 110 out of the 186 legislative seats. On Tuesday, they nominated Rep. Aaron Frey for attorney general, which was made official Wednesday afternoon.


"I'm confident that the work that I may be able to do as AG is not only going to benefit the constituents who've trusted me over the last six years, but I'm also going to do this type of work for the entire state," said Frey.


He previously served House District 124. He's now focused on tackling statewide issues as attorney general.


"Over the next two years I expect that there's going to be significant work to really get a hold of the opioid crisis, we're going to see a lot of work to see that our environment is protected, we're going to see a lot of work to make sure that our criminal justice system experiences reform, and we have to hold the Trump administration accountable," said Frey.


He declined his House seat on Wednesday, leaving a vacancy.


"There's a process where the folks in Bangor will let us know that they want to have that vacancy filled, then the governor will declare a vacancy and then we will work with the affected parties to schedule a special election probably sometime early in the winter," said Frey.


Dunlap was elected and will serve as Secretary of State for his fourth and final term, and Henry Beck will be the new state treasurer, replacing Terry Hayes.

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