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Early snow depleting city salt supply Featured

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BANGOR - It's been a busy November for Bangor's Public Works Director, Eric Willett.

"This is the beginning of my third week and it's done nothing but snow and rain since I started, so it's been a challenge," he said.

So far, the city of Bangor has had to apply salt 13 different times because of winter weather and frost.

"Since it's early December, it makes me a little worried," said Willett, "are we going to have enough to last?"

Public works has already used 1,000 tons of salt out of a 6,000 ton allotment.

It is able to order more if supply is running low. 

"Compared to last year where we only used 200 tons [by this time]," he said. "The weather has not cooperated with us."

The city used about 8,000 tons of salt in total last year to cover its 360 miles of road, 84 miles of sidewalk and 19 parking lots that it treats.

Willett says the early winter weather could dig into the city budget, but believes Bangor is prepared for it.

"The guys overtime is going to be increased, salt usage is going to be increased, wear and tear on the equipment is going to be increased," said Willett.

The snow has also been a challenge for leaf pickup.

"We've had to resort to using loaders and back hoes to pick up the leaves instead of the vacuum trailers that we usually use."

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