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One man seeks much-needed gift this holiday season Featured

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GLENBURN - As Hollis Rockwell waits on a transplant list, his family and friends are using another method to find him the kidney he needs.

During the season of giving, we're reminded that some gifts are much harder to find than others.


"There are over 100,000 people just in New England alone that are on the transplant list," said Rockwell, a disabled veteran.


He suffers from Alport Syndrome, an inherited disease that affects kidney function. He's been on a transplant list for just over a year. Now his family and friends are taking things into their own hands.


They're making T-shirts embroidered with 'In Need Of Kidney' in hopes of finding a matching donor.


"My kids are taking me to Disney here in a few weeks as a family vacation and we had T-shirts made for all of us and then they were like, 'let's put them on Facebook and see if other people would be willing to wear them'," said Rockwell.


Forty shirts have already been purchased by people in and outside of Maine. Rockwell says many have already been tested to see if they're a match.


"You're giving the gift of life and you have that opportunity, and you're body only needs the one kidney to survive," said Rockwell.


Even if you're not a match for him, you could be for someone else. Anyone interested in purchasing a shirt can contact Rockwell through his Facebook page. If you'd like to see if you could be a potential donor, you can visit mghlivingdonors.org.

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