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Dexter High School Key Club raises funds to help build a well in Africa Featured

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DEXTER - Students at Dexter High School are trying to raise $12,000.00. They've almost reached their goal and it's all to help get clean water to a community.

"Swaziland also has a major HIV problem. So by providing them with clean drinking water, it won't eliminated HIV, but it will help prevent people from contracting the disease," said Shannon O'Roak, secretary of the Dexter Key Club.


The Dexter High School Key Club is on a mission to help an African community.


"They have to walk over three miles just to get water, that's not even safe for them to drink and they're very prone to water-born diseases," said Lilah McCormack, chair of the Thirst Project for the Key Club.


The group first heard about The Thirst Project , which is a non-profit working to supply clean drinking water to all of Swaziland by 2022, a few years ago at a national convention.


"We as a district decided to raise a well. So with us, Dover, Greenville and some other clubs together raised the $12,000 to build a well," said Aino Rudloff-Eastman.


But after attending their district convention this past spring, they thought they'd be a bit more ambitious.


"We found out that Greenville had raised money to build a well on their own, and thought if they can do it, than we can do it," said Rudloff-Eastman.


Over the past six months, they've raised a little over $7,000, inching closer to their goal and are asking the community for more help.


"If everybody could donate just a little bit, one dollar, five dollars, ten dollars, any amount really, it would definitely help us to reach our goal and it will be so so helpful," said Roak.


Once the money is raised, they said it takes a little over a year to build the well.


"The water lasts a long time ... A little over 30 years, so the community has it for a good span of time," said McCormack.


The Key Club, made up of about 50 members, does lots of service and community projects. They said this is their most ambitious.


"Really inspiring to know that we're actually affecting real people, in real communities," said Roak.


They're looking to have all of the funds by April 2019. They said donations can be from anyone. They can be sent directly to the Dexter Key Club, c/o Dexter Regional High School, 12 Abbot Hill Road, Dexter, Maine 04930.



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