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Post-feast fitness: sticking to your goals during the holidays Featured

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BANGOR - Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with family, football and, of course, food.

A typical Thanksgiving meal is about 3,000 calories.

While you might be thinking calories don't count on the holidays, local athletic trainers say it's important not to lose sight of your goals.

There's a growing trend to hit the gym either before or after days like Thanksgiving, because let's face it: most of us eat a little more than usual around the holidays.

All that stuffing can leave you feeling stuffed.

"Definitely for Thanksgiving in particular, it's obviously surrounded by food," said Mike Wilcox, co-owner of Wilcox Wellness and Fitness in Bangor. "People may have the mindset that if they workout beforehand, it's gonna take care of those calories afterwards."

"There's a thought behind working out while you're also overeating and  trying to kinda counterbalance that," said Nash Roy, a trainer at Wilcox Wellness and Fitness.

Local trainers say there's no one workout that can cancel out your Thanksgiving plate, but they say it's important to stay active during the holidays, and all year round.

"So that you can enjoy these times and not have to set yourself back," said Wilcox. "And you can enjoy the pie because it's a great time of year to enjoy it because you've been taking care of your health and wellness and fitness as well."

With holiday vacations and schedule changes, it can be easy to stop going to the gym, but trainers say sticking to a routine is crucial.

"Keep on it," Roy said. "Try not to let the holidays be an excuse for missing those things. Make time, early morning, afterwards, just plan that into your lifestyle."

The folks over at CrossFit Bangor agree.

"The more you can keep with your routine, the better you are setting yourself up for success going forward," said Tiffany Surette, head coach at CrossFit Bangor.

They aren't letting those Thanksgiving meals weigh them down.

"We try not to use exercise as a punishment. We try not to use food as a reward," said Surette. "So they're just trying to get back into the routine. They had a day off. Hopefully, they enjoyed a lot of food, they spent a lot of time with family. So today it's like, alright, we're gonna get back into the routine."

And at the end of the day, no matter how you stay active, experts say it's important to remember why you're doing it in the first place.

"Anything in life, or any goal you have, it always comes back to the 'why,'" said Wilcox. "So if you really have a good strong 'why,' then typically you can stick to these habits, and then when you go to have Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, or meals and celebrating with family, friends, you can go and enjoy those times, because most of the time you take care of yourself."

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