Monday, 12 November 2018 19:57

Sec. of State addresses voting machine trouble

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AUGUSTA - Progress continues in Augusta as the ranked choice votes are tallied for the 2nd Congressional District race.


While the Secretary of State defended the integrity of the voting system, he also said a number of towns and cities had voting machine trouble last Tuesday.


While that may have slowed the counting, it didn't change any results.


"That's very unusual. We usually don't. We might have one or two issues," said Maine's Secretary of State Matt Dunlap. "But like I say, we had 21 towns that experienced problems with tabulating systems. So, we're going to be taking a long look at that. Because that's very unusual to have that type of a problem."


Dunlap also estimated Maine had nearly 65 percent of its registered voters cast ballots in last week's election. That compares to about 70 percent voting in a presidential election year.


Mainers are waiting to hear if Republican Bruce Poliquin or Democrat Jared Golden has won Maine's 2nd Congressional District.

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