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Governor Paul LePage discusses his time in office Featured

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BANGOR - Governor Paul LePage said he's leaving Maine's next governor a legacy of successful business development.

The outgoing governor made those remarks in Bangor Friday.


One of the first things governor Paul LePage spoke about was his philosophy on governing.


"I believe that governors responsibility and job is to provide an efficient governess for his constituents at the lowest possible cost to their taxpayer," said LePage.


He said one thing he is most proud of from his time being governor is that fewer people are now on welfare.


"People who have come off welfare are earning 114% more revenue more income than they did when they were on welfare," LePage said.


The two-term Republican governor claimed credit for the record-setting economic growth as well as the state's record low unemployment.


"Record number of employers in the state we have a record number of private sector jobs and we have record number of revenues for the state," said LePage.


He also admitted he made a mistake or two during his tenure. And, he also had some advice for Governor-elect Janet Mills, "We did not fix energy cost and without getting that fixed, I'm serious, energy cost we made no improvements on taxes we made some marginal improvements," LePage said.


"If we could get the energy cost in Maine down to single digits we would couldn't handle all the business," said LePage.


The failure to stop the increase of domestic crime, according to LePage, was among his regrets, "I just didn't do enough. Domestic violence is so critical," LePage said.


LePage said as he leaves the state of Maine to go to Florida he leaves with pride and love.


"I was raised here I was educated here, but frankly I'm leaving because I can't afford to live here anymore."


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