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Man accused of impersonating cop in Maine, New Hampshire

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KENNEBUNK (WGME) - A New Hampshire man is facing charges after impersonating a police officer in two states.

On Wednesday, drove up to a Kennenunkk park claiming to be a police officer. When witnesses began asking questions, they quickly realized something was not quite right.


"I'm gonna be much more observant now when I come with the kids and grand kids," parent Karen Markellos said.


Parents visiting the park's playground said they were shocked to learn happened there.


"Since I've been at this playground it's never happened," Markellos said.


The Kennebunk Police Department says 30-year-old Ryan Calista showed up pretending to be a police officer.


Police say Calista was driving a black truck with blue lights flashing.


He was also wearing a hat and yellow vest -- both with the word "Police" on them.


"You have to wonder and question what the motivation is," Deputy Police Chief Michael Nugent said.


Witnesses told police Calista claimed he was looking for a missing 13-year-old boy.


When they asked for him to identify himself, he refused and drove away.


Kennebunk police said witnesses made the right choice calling the incident in.


"Our plain clothes officers will always still have their badges displayed on a belt or outside chain around their neck," Nugent said.


Police said that a few hours later Calista was in Dover, New Hampshire, again pretending to be an officer.


He has been charged with impersonating an officer in both states.


"You never know if there are creeps around," parent Marrick Auger said.


Back at the playground, parents said they still could not believe what happened.


"You are always on high alert for anything, for tripping and falling to other strangers, and unfortunately now law enforcement. So it's just kind of one more thing to worry about," Merrick said.


Calista is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 29.