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Remains found where Jessica Grindle was last seen Featured

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BLUE HILL - Blue Hill resident Jessica Grindle was reported missing in early August. On Wednesday, human remains were found in the same location that she was last seen. Grindle's family is standing by as authorities work to identify the body.

A deer hunter discovered the remains off Grindleville Road in Blue Hill.


"All I would say is that we're focused on identifying the remains," said Maine State Police Lt. Troy Gardner. "Obviously we've been conducting searches in that area for the past few months looking for Jessica and it's certainly a possibility that those remains are hers."


Grindle was last seen in late july. Her family members now anxiously wait as the medical examiner works to identify the remains.


"We can't quite have closure yet," said Grindle's cousin Alicia Pearson.


State Police say there's no set time for how long the identification will take.


"It may take a couple of days," said Gardner. "It may come down to DNA testing to do that, so we don't have an answer on that right now but that's kind of what's happening with the case at this point."


Two separate community searches were held for Grindle in earl October. Pearson says that it's been a difficult time for the entire family.


"Her older son is processing that this could be her and that she could be deceased and that's really, really hard for him because he's been praying every day that mom's going to come home," said Pearson.


No matter what the medical examiner finds, Grindle's family says they will continue to search for answers surrounding the disappearance.


"We are not going to quit until we find out exactly what happened and we are going to follow through with whatever justice needs to happen for her," said Pearson.

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