Thursday, 08 November 2018 15:14

Samsung unveils unique phone, housing market falling

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BANGOR - Samsung's unique new phone and Walmart's Black Friday deals were among the topics making headlines in Thursday's business news.

But first, AT&T is ready to crack down on people who illegally share movies, TV shows and music.


The company said it has warned several people about copyright violations. AT&T told the news site Axios that about a dozen people will have their accounts canceled next week.


Samsung has officially unveiled a foldable phone screen that could be put into devices as soon as next year. It's called the Infinity Flex Display and when it's fully open, the screen is more than 7 inches across -- the size of a small tablet.


The housing market is falling. The Mortgage Bankers Association says mortgage applications have hit their lowest level in nearly four years.


Experts say home buyers have run into a trifecta of problems -- rising mortgage rates, rising prices and a smaller number of homes for sale.


And finally, Black Friday two weeks away and Walmart is already out with some of its Black Friday deals.


Electronics like laptops, tablets and TVs top the list of things that went on sale Thursday. Walmart says its big in-store sales will start on Thanksgiving Day.