Wednesday, 07 November 2018 17:39

Mainers reject home care ballot question but OK bond issues

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STATEWIDE - Mainers rejected a referendum on Election Day that would have paved the way for a universal home care program that would have provided home-based assistance to people with disabilities and senior citizens regardless of income.

Had it been approved, the measure would have been funded by a new 3.8 percent tax on Mainers earning adjusted gross incomes of $128,000 a year or more.


Voters, however, approved all four of the bond issue questions that appeared on Tuesday's ballot.


The largest of them calls for $101 million in funding for transportation improvements, ranging from road and bridge work to facilities and equipment related to ports, piers, harbors, marine transportation, harbors, railroads, and bike and pedestrian trails.


The proceeds of that bond sale will be matched by $137 million in federal and other funds and $5 million for the upgrade of municipal culverts at stream crossings.


Also approved were: $30 million in funding for water quality improvements at wastewater treatment plants and homes served by substandard treatment systems;  $49 million for upgrades at the state's public universities; and another $15 million for improvements aimed at providing Mainers with access to high-skill, low-cost technical and career education at the state's community colleges.