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This year's election most stressful on record, experts say Featured

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STATEWIDE - This election season is causing a record amount of stress.

The American Psychological Association does an annual stress survey and this year the results show that three out of every four people have significant or major stress, mostly caused by the election.


"It's higher than we've ever seen. Anecdotally, you hear a lot of people who are finding they can't talk to friends or family because the politics and their political dogmatism seem to get in the way," Dr. David Prescott of Northern Light Acadia Hospital said.


"So people are starting to experience disruption in relationships around the election and the stress of that and it's significant," he said.


There is an enormous amount of speculation about why people are having a hard time communicating but social psychologists believe people are trying to make a point and are not listening.


"Your point is not to understand but to win, win the argument to win the discussion. Then there is going to be conflict in there. And we just see a lot of people when they enter these discussions, their goal becomes to either change someone's mind or to convict them, 'I am right and you are wrong,'" Prescott said.


Prescott said around 70 percent of those surveyed also are stressed about their futures because of the current political reality and the direction they think the county is going.


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