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Ellsworth police forgo shaving for cancer awareness, research Featured

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ELLSWORTH - The Ellsworth Police Department is giving back to the community and they are doing it in an nontraditional way.

No Shave November is a national effort to raise awareness for cancer and funds for research and when the Ellsworth chief of police read about the idea he was all for it.


"I thought that it would kind of be a neat thing, both for us to bring to the community but also as a department to kind of bring us together," Ellsworth police Chief Glen Moshier said.


Moshier said the entire department of 19 officers as well as others in the civilian dispatch division jumped on board with the idea.


"The officers kind of enjoy the opportunity to grow a beard because typically we don't. We don't allow facial hair," Moshier said.


Last year was the first year they organized the fundraiser but instead of donating nationally they kept the funds in the community.


"We were able to raise just over $1,500, which we donated all of it to the Beth Wright Cancer Center," Moshier said.


Each officer donates $5 dollars a week -- some may give more -- and this year they hope to raise more than $2,000.


"this years funds half of which will go to beth wright, and the other half we're going to be donating to a sister of one of our officers who's currently fighting breast cancers.

A department coming together helping their community to fight a disease that touches and affects so many lives -- all while starting the conversation by not shaving.

"we care about the community that we serve and we care about the people and certainly the people that suffer"


Funds can be sent to the ellsworth police department. In ellsworth, gina marini, abc7/fox22.

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