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Washington County Sheriff's Office overcomes outage Featured

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MACHIAS - Saturday night's fierce winds left thousands without power.

That number included the inmates of the Washington County Jail.

Not only did the wind knock out power across much of Washington County, it tested the readiness of many power generators.

Not all of those generators passed the test.

"It put us on emergency generators that failed for us, said Sheriff Barry Curtis of the Washington County Sheriff's Office, "so we were in trouble for a while."

A 30-year-old generator is supposed to provide back-up power for the sheriff's administrative offices and the Washington County Jail.

"It was also dark in there and we had emergency lighting," he said, "and people were getting a little excited in there."

Like dominoes, the wind knocked down tree limbs, which knocked down power and phone lines.

"We had 911 line and that was it, everything else was down," said Curtis. 

As is often the case with Mainers, they found a way to make the best of a bad situation.

"We had Harrington dispatching for us and we also had Machias dispatching for us as well as Calais," he said.

Even several off-duty deputies tried working on the generator to get more life out of it.

The next time Sheriff Curtis meets with the Washington County commissioners, it's not too hard to guess what might be at the top of his list.

"I think we might be looking for a new generator," he said.

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