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Mom gives son 'jail time' for bullying Featured

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BANGOR - A Bangor mother is teaching her son a real life lesson, after he was suspended from his school for bullying, lying to and cursing at other students.

"I hate it and my mom is doing the right thing," said Christian.

The 12-year-old is getting dirty and learning the hard way.

"I'm sorry and I'm sorry for stressing you out all the time," he said.

That is what he has to say to his mom Misty, who is making him walk 10 miles each day during his suspension from school, picking up trash in Bangor's neighborhoods.

"I don't want that for my son, I will not raise a bully," she said. 

She says she has been dealing with his behavioral problems for more than four years now, but when she got a call from his principal last Friday saying he was suspended, she had had enough.

"I was very frustrated," said Misty. "I can't even think of like all the emotions going through my head."

Christian was caught bullying and cursing at students again.

He even told the cops he wanted to go to jail because it was, "the cool thing to do."

"Do i was like why not throw him in my own jail," said Misty. "I've exhausted every possibility."

On the way home from school, she bought him a prison orange shirt and wrote, "I like to bully, lie, swear and steal," on it.

She then made him walk 7-and-a-half miles home while he picked up trash along the way.

A few people would not speak with us on camera, but said they weren't sure whether they'd make their own kid do that.

Others said if you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

"I think that you should have consequences for your actions," one young woman said.

"It doesn't hurt him, maybe teach him a lesson," another man said.

Misty says she just wants her son to have a good future and learn to show kindness to others.

"I want to apologize to everyone he has bullied at school, I mean my family [too], it's been bad."

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