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UNOs holds 'Dough Rai$er' Monday for UPC of Maine

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BANGOR - Uno Pizzeria & Grill on Stillwater Avenue is holding a "Dough Rai$er" today for United Cerebral Palsy of Maine.

UCP of Maine held their biggest annual fundraiser on Sunday -- Pumpkins in the Park -- that attracted hundreds and hundreds of folks from all over the region who dressed up for the yearly Halloween gathering.

“We're a non-profit in the area that helps children and adults with physical and intellectual needs and today UNOs is doing their Dough Rai$er fundraiser to cap off our Pumpkins in the Park weekend,” Andrew Lohman, marketing & community relations coordinator at UPC of Maine.

Customers just have to present a flier found on UPC of Maine's Facebook page or show the event post on their phone to their server in order for the pizza shop to donate up to 20 percent of the sales to UPC.

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