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Ways to cut hefty Halloween costs by shopping local Featured

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Halloween is about a week away and costume shopping can be overwhelming and expensive. We take a look at how much Americans usually spend and offer some tips to help cut costs.

Halloween is a time for many to pretend to be princesses, monsters and all sorts of ghouls but dressing up comes with a hefty price tag.


The National Retail Federation expects consumers to spend $9 billion on candy, pumpkins and costumes for Halloween, with a whopping $3.4 billion in total on costumes for this year.


The federation states on average, each person will spend nearly $90 but before people spend that chunk of change there are options to cut costs.


"We've got wings, we've got turtle shells," Capt. Rebecca Kirk of the Salvation Army in Bangor said.


Located on Stillwater Avenue, the Salvation Army store has a big Halloween section, including decorations and, of course, costumes.


"All the costumes were donated so they're gently used," Kirk said.


They have been previously worn but come at a fraction of the price one would find at a regular retail location Shoppers seem to agree.


"They always have tons of really good choices, it's inexpensive. You can come here, get your kids great stuff and it doesn't break your wallet," said frequent shopper Rhonda Doughty of Glenburn.


By shopping at the Salvation Army, people can help give back to the community.


"All of the proceeds from these costumes goes to support our social services. When you buy your costume here, you're helping to keep our soup kitchen open or you're providing a bag of food for a family. Keeping somebody's heat on, keeping somebody's rent up to date," Kirk said.


And if people don't find what they are looking for in the Halloween section, there is still plenty of other clothing options to choose from so they might just find a piece that works.


The Salvation Army in Bangor is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Halloween. Kirk suggested that when people are done using their costumes to donate them so someone else can use them next year.

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