Monday, 22 October 2018 12:52

Amazon expands Alexa, Uber looking skyward

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STATEWIDE - Improvements to Alexa and and Uber's exploration of delivery by drone were some of the topics making business news on Monday.

Soon, it may be easier to get a credit card or a loan. The company behind the fico credit scores plans to roll out a revamped system early next year.


Called the Ultra FICO Score, it s designed to qualify people by taking into account how they manage their cash. Those who have maintained bank accounts for several years and avoided overdrafts will likely see their scores go up.


Amazon wants to make Alexa smarter -- and a better money maker. The Wall Street Journal reported that the company is accelerating efforts to make Alexa more useful and appealing.


Recently, Amazon expanded Alexa so developers for the voice assistant can start charging for things like music or hints in a voice-activated game.


And finally, Uber may have its eyes on the skies.


A job posting by the ride sharing company indicates Uber wants to put food delivery drones in the air in three years. Uber has been looking for ways to expand, including flying taxis, rental scooters and renting out big rigs for long-haul truckers.