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BREWER - Lots of Mainers are anxious to get out and start hunting deer, which officially kicks off next week, but there are safety precautions that you need to know before heading out.



Eleven people were shot while deer hunting just last year. That's according to stats from the Maine Warden Service. Of those four were self inflicted gunshot wounds and one killed a non-hunter who was in her own backyard.


"You have to identify your target that's number one. Number two is if you feel the shot is unsafe don't take the chance deer is not worth anyones life or anyone's property just plain and simple," said Warden Rick Ouellette with the Maine Warden Service.


Ouellette said there are those instances where people make a bad decision and don't identify their target.


"They get a little bit further out of their comfort zone. If you're a hunter and you're in the woods don't always expect to see orange because these people that are in the woods do not even no hunting season is even happening," Ouellette said.


There's a time table law book that states the start and end time of when you should be entering and leaving the woods as far as when its legal to shoot and not shoot.


Ouellette said, "I will warn people that during the times of early and late within minutes of when its legal its still very dark and keep that in mind."


While it's a law for hunters to wear blaze orange, game wardens also encourage everybody to wear an orange vest.


"But we remind hunters that there are a lot of people in the woods that are maybe not wearing orange. Always identify your target," said Ouellette.


"Let's not turn a day that's suppose to be memories into a tragic nightmare," Ouelette said.


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