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Senate Democratic leaders call for campaign honesty Featured

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AUGUSTA - Two Senate Democrats at a press conference in Augusta called for more honesty from Republicans in the final weeks before people head to the polls.

The Senate's Democratic leader and assistant leader stood near signs that claimed six lies have been spread through mailers from PACs and organizations related to Maine Republicans in hotly contested Senate district races,


"In an attempt to make Maine people fools. It seems like they are trying to cheat to win an election and I believe wholeheartedly that's just not right," Sen. Troy Jackson, Senate Democratic leader, said.


Sen. Nate Libby, assistant Senate Democratic leader, agreed.


"Campaigns can be vicious and ugly but that's no excuse for dishonesty," he said.


The two alleged that the Republican mailers contain incorrect information about education funding, crime rates and clean elections candidates as well as the voting record of a candidate who has never served in the Senate, endorsements and a claim that states a Republican candidate was born and raised in his current district.


Jason Savage, executive director of the Maine GOP, responded that three of the six reported mailer lies were the result of a "design error" and that two of the other Democratic claims are misleading.

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