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Bangor PD investigates two gun-related incidents in past week Featured

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BANGOR - Bangor police are following up on two confirmed gun-related incidents in the city since the weekend.

 The Bangor man who was shot by a police officer on Tuesday on Grove Street is now facing charges. Bangor police are also looking into shots fired on Saturday in the area of South Park Street.


"Realistically, we have spikes in calls and dips, but the need for police service has remained for the most part the same," said Bangor Police Sgt. Wade Betters.


On Tuesday morning, authorities responded to a domestic violence incident on Grove Street. When they arrived, police said Brian Barker, 40, was armed with a knife and refused to drop the weapon.


After a brief confrontation, a Bangor police officer shot Barker.


"I had the radio on [and heard] that a police officer had shot somebody," said Nancy Long, who drove by the scene Tuesday, "and I'm like 'Holy smokes, here I am driving right by it.'"


Barker was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. He has been charged with domestic violence terrorizing. According to Bangor Police, the officer was placed on administrative leave.


Also happening in the last week, Bangor PD responded to South Park Street early Saturday morning after getting calls about sounds of gunfire.


They didn't catch the alleged shooter, but Sgt. Betters confirmed there were shots fired. Police are asking the public for information regarding the South Park Street case.


He said some of the calls police receive about possible gun fire, are actually residents hearing something else, like firecrackers. But given the truth behind the recent shooting incidents, police said every call does help.


"You'll know when you hear it, that there's something that's unsettling, and if it doesn't sit well with you in your gut then give us a call," said Sgt. Betters. "If there's nothing to it we'll check that out anyway."


Police said their night crews will be more vigilant, and despite this week, they haven't really seen an increase in violence in Bangor.


While some locals agree that Bangor is a relatively safe city, others told our news team they feel there is more crime, like one woman who said her daughter doesn't feel safe living in the city.


"Even in her own apartment, it's a nice apartment, but you know you can't control your neighbors," said Terri Anne Moore, who felt drug-related crimes are partly to blame.


Bangor police said as they investigate both incidents, there is no ongoing threat to the public.


They also said they are currently hiring, so those with an interest in working in law enforcement should call the police station.

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