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Kitten thrown at bus in Winterport recovering Featured

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WINTERPORT - A kitten that was thrown at a school bus in Winterport is alive today thanks to a number of people who stepped in to help, including the children on the bus who alerted the bus driver.

Someone lobbed a flea-infested 9-week-old kitten at the school bus as it traveled along the Monroe Road on Oct. 3.

“There were kids on the bus and they were pretty upset about this. They did see it happen,” said Jennifer Marlow, a veterinary assistant at Ridge Runner Veterinary Services on the Main Road. “They were pretty upset about it so the bus driver didn't want to leave the kitten there so he did the right thing. Thank goodness he stopped.”

Parents of students at the Leroy H. Smith School described the students on the bus and the driver as heroes, others reacted with shock.

“I'm so happy and proud of the kids and the bus driver for stopping and helping a helpless animal,” said one parent. “People are cruel sometimes.”

“That's shocking that someone would be that low to do something like that,” said another parent.

“Really, really messed up... It's terrible,” said a resident.

The kitten, now named "Hiccup," was taken to the Rachel and Shannan Grooming Salon, known locally for working with Ridge Runner to find homes for feral cats.

“At that point, it was very clear it needed veterinary care,” Shannan Bodwell said Wednesday while taking a break from grooming a dog. “She set it on the counter with its little broken leg and it came out and purred and was so sweet. Other than being injured, you couldn't tell that there was a problem in the world with it.”

After the kitten was given a flea bath, he was taken down to the Ridge Runner clinic.

“They brought him to us because they figured he needed medical attention. We took an X-ray and his leg was in fact broken.”

That's when the clinic launched a GoFundMe account to help cover the costs for Hiccup’s care.

“We raised more than enough that we need for him and any and all extra will go to kittens like these guys,” Marlow said holding two kittens. “Because we help a lot of kittens through the trap-neuter-release program.”

Hiccup has already been adopted.

“I sent that first video of me swaddling him to my sister and she's like, 'Oh my god. I love this cat. I need him.'"

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