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Phish stalker facing four charges in Belfast Featured

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BELFAST - A local chimney sweep charged with stalking and harassing the drummer for the rock band Phish and his family was in Belfast Superior Court on Wednesday and took the stand in his own defense.

Bradley Williams, 63, is charged with two counts of harassment and two counts of stalking against the Jon Fishman, the drummer for jam band “Phish,” who is also a Lincolnville selectman.


“The history goes back a dozen years. Mr. Williams has had an obsession with my clients, Jon and Briar Fishman, during that period of time,” said Bernard Kubetz, attorney for the Fishmans.


“He has harassed them, he has attempted to give them gifts, he has threatened them, he has threatened to take their kids away from them, he has contacted DHHS," he said.


“He's done just some terrible things that no one should have to put up with,” he said. “The Fishman reported each of those incidents to law enforcement and the district attorney's office decided to prosecute him.”


The jury trial started last week and resumed on Wednesday.


Williams is accused of posted images and sending letters to residents in Belfast and Lincolnville with unsubstantiated allegations, and for continuing to contact the family after repeated attempts to make him stop.


“They are fearful, and have been fearful of their children's welfare,” Kubetz said. “They have alerted their children's schools. They have purchased guard dogs, installed a security system. They've established a safety code for their children, in the event that Mr. Williams was to show up at the house again.


“They're dealing with it but it's taken a toll," Kubetz said.


Williams, who is representing himself, was found in contempt of court on Wednesday by Justice Daniel Billings, who sentenced him to 30 days in jail.


Then a plea agreement was arranged where Williams would serve 21 days for the harassment and stalking, concurrent with 21 days for the contempt.


The judge, who helped negotiate the plea, then decided not to accept it after Williams started "blaming everyone else."


“You can't get up here and basically try to give your middle finger to everybody, including the court,” the judge said.


The state rested its case on Wednesday and Williams took the stand in his own defense and was the only witness. The jury is expected to get the case on Friday.


Fishman also has a defamation case pending against Williams.


“No one should have to deal [with harassment and stalking] regardless of whether you are the founding member of a popular band or John Q citizen,” Kubetz said.

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