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International women's group marks Indigenous People's Day

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BANGOR - While Columbus Day remains a federal holiday, a number of cities and communities recognized Monday as Indigenous People's Day. That included Bangor.

Women of the World celebrated Indigenous People's Day with a lunch and cultural presentation from the Penobscot and Wabanaki people.


The women who attended Monday afternoon's event said it is time we recognize indigenous people for the greatness of their tribes and what they bring to communities throughout the state.


"It also brings us into thinking about more about what we can do to incorporate with the first nations and what we might be able to do to help bring them back to where they should be -- standing beside us, never behind us," Balenda Ganem of Women of the World said. "And they're the true trailblazers of the nation."


"We're are not the stereotypical western Indians that are running around in buckskin and living in tepees," said Jeanne Lewey, who is Wabanaki. "Like, we're different. There's difference in every indigenous tribe. There are differences with everything."


The Women of the World group has been around for 40 years and consists of members from all corners of the earth.


The women meet about once a month to eat an ethnic lunch and learn more about different cultures.

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