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Indigenous Peoples' Day Celebration

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BANGOR - Dozens gathered on Monday to celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day in Bangor.


Event organizers said for too long people have ignored atrocities committed by Christopher Columbus. So people of Native American descent, Bangor City Councilors, and other locals gathered at Hammond Street Congregational Church for a potluck dinner to raise awareness.


The dinner was followed by the Bangor premiere of the documentary Dawnland, which is about indigenous children that were put in non-native foster care.


One Penobscot woman who grew up with a non-native family in Brewer said the film showcases the first Truth and Reconciliation Commission to address forced assimilation and cultural genocide.


"This is a time for us to come together as a community and celebrate unity and togetherness," said Dawn Neptune Adams, a lead organizer for Monday's events, "to center indigenous voices and to have ourselves be heard."


She said they will put on a similar event next year.

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