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Staying safe while heating up for the winter Featured

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BRADFORD - The cold air is starting to creep in and homeowners are getting their heat sources ready for the winter.

Putting off an inspection of your wood stoves, fireplaces and other heating methods could have some unwanted consequences.


"They'll prolong it, to clean it later and that's when you get the fires and the bad things happen," said The Chimney Guys Owner Devan Philbrick. "It's imperative to have that done annually and at least inspected. The least you can do is inspect it."


Wood stoves, pellet stoves and fireplaces can cause a buildup of creosote, which could ultimately lead to a chimney fire. Waiting to get them inspected could be very costly.


"Once you get into March, April where it's just coming back into the spring you're starting to slow burn your stoves a lot, and when you start doing that the creosote builds up," said Philbrick.


He also says oil furnaces often fly under the radar, but can cause major issues too. Gases can deteriorate chimney liners if you don't pay attention to them.


Homeowner Randy Margraf says cleaning his wood stove is always a priority.


"It's actually the first thing I think about when I start the season," said Margraf. "I know that if I start fresh I have no concerns."


The biggest concern for most homeowners is a fire. Getting your fireplaces, stoves and furnaces checked is a great step in preventing that from happening.


"The worst thing you can do is say I'll just carry it over to next year and then next year becomes two, three years," said Philbrick. "Then we have incidents that's not good"

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