Monday, 24 September 2018 16:50

Orono police conducting underage drinking patrols

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ORONO - Orono police have been adding special patrols to target underage drinking and last year, Orono police received funding from the state to put extra patrols on Thursday through Sunday nights.

Police said they put more officers out during the first few weekends of school because that's when they see underage drinking and the problems that come with it.


"We summoned well over 100 people in the first three weekends of school for underage drinking, furnishing alcohol, furnishing a place, transportation of alcohol," Orono police Chief Josh Ewing said.


He said if you are underage and in possession of alcohol, you will have to pay a few hundred dollars in fines plus court fees.


Charges for transportation of liquor result in getting a drivers license suspension.


Anyone caught furnishing alcohol or a place for an underage person to drink can be arrested, spend up to a year in jail and pay up to a $2,000 fine.