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Field of Dreams rules discussed in Unity Featured

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UNITY - New draft rules regarding the Field of Dreams -- an outdoor sports and recreation complex donated to Unity College -- has some folks in town upset, while town and school officials iron out the details.

“It gets a little dicey because it was donated, federal monies were used to build the fields so there is certain rules and regulations and easements that all go along with that Field of Dreams,” said Penny Pickard Sampson, a Unity Selectwoman. “So the selectmen are trying to be very careful before we sign any arraignment with the college or any agreement so that we're not giving our rights away.”

The Bert G. and Coral B. Clifford Charitable Athletic Foundation created the Field of Dreams and in 1995 gave the property to Unity College, with the understanding that the town could use the property at no charge.

“Last spring, during Little League season, our recreation department wanted to use the concession stand that hadn't been used in years. And when they inquired about it, this memorandum of understand came to fruition,” Sampson said.

“And it's not a simple memo of understanding,” she added. “It's very lengthy. And we, of course, the selectmen of unity were uncomfortable signing it.”
The town sent the draft to their lawyers, who made adjustments, and that version was sent to the college, who in turn sent it to their attorneys.

“It's merely putting down in paper the relationship that we've had for years,” said Melik Peter Khoury, Unity College president. “We've been working with them to kind of cross the 'T's and dot the 'I''s.”

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