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Janet Mills highlights healthcare, economic plans at event in Bangor

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BANGOR - Folks in Bangor had a chance to hear from the Democratic candidate for governor Thursday evening.

Janet Mills spoke at the Bangor Public Library about a variety of topics, including her newly released economic policy plan.

Mills says that plan includes incentives for people to stay and work in the state, but also incentives for attracting outsiders for jobs as well.

She highlighted her ideas on healthcare, a point of which she and her republican opponent Shawn Moody disagree.

"We should expand Medicaid, from a business standpoint, from an economic standpoint, from a humanitarian standpoint," said Mills. "It makes sense. When 1,000 businesses in Maine complain that healthcare, the high cost of health insurance is their biggest challenge, we've got to do something about that."

Mills also mentioned her "cradle to college" plan for education, which she says she'll be rolling out shortly.

If she wins in November, Mills says she's ready to take Maine in a new direction.

Thursday night's event was part of FUSION:Bangor's ongoing Conversation with the Candidate series.

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