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Suspicious man on UMaine campus Featured

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ORONO - Students in Orono were a little on edge Thursday.


The University of Maine police department is warning students about a suspicious man in the area.


Police said a similar incident reported at the Old Town Hannaford is unrelated, and that case has since been solved, but authorities are still actively investigating the suspicious man reported on the college campus.


The University of Maine police department has gotten reports of a man approaching women on campus. They said he is trying to talk to them and follow them.


University officials said they are aware of the situation.


The man is described as white, middle-aged, 5'8, with a muscular build.


One student said, "A little jarring cause that stuff doesn't you know doesn't usually happen in Maine let alone like this area."


Some students said they are nervous, but they are thinking about how to react. They said they would try running into a building or heading towards a group of people if they ever see the man, or are in a dangerous situation, "There's a lot of people just always walking around on campus so I feel like there's always someone to reach out to" said one UMaine student.


One student said she tries to keep an eye out for other girls walking alone, "We were driving around the other night and we're just like oh my god there's girls walking alone so we just kinda like sit watch and just like make sure that their not like being followed or anything because it's like we're all kind of in this same position and we're all a little freaked out."


The men on campus said the women and men should pay extra attention to detail when walking around, "But some people I mean the most obvious detail just "whew" you know what I mean? Just how is this even possible."


Jenny Mcpherson is a self-defense instructor. She said anything can be used as a weapon if you are in a dangerous situation, "A stick on the ground is a weapon, a rock things like that."


She said if you are not trained in fighting aim for the throat, eyes or knees, "If you hit the back of the knee it's going to collapse."


UMaine police advise members of the community to immediately report any suspicious people or activities by calling 581-4040.

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