Thursday, 20 September 2018 12:47

Homeless shelter honors donors, volunteers

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BANGOR - The Bangor Area Homeless Shelter holds an event each year to honor contributions by donors and volunteers on behalf of the homeless but this year, the focus shifted to community feedbakc.

Those in attendance gave their input on the impact of homelessness in the region and what they would like to see the shelter work on.


"Our mission is based on building collaborations across the community," David Casavant of the shelter's board of directors said. "And also to educate the community with regard to the needs of those without homes, and also in terms of responding to their needs."


"The people that we're serving are really community members, they're our neighbors, they're our family," Executive Director Boyd Kronholm said. "They're our friends and there but the grace of God go we sometimes."


This 2018 Business of the Year award went to Hannaford Supermarket and the Volunteer of the Year is Ann Sweeney.


More than 60 people were expected to attend the annual meeting.