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Murder suspect enters plea agreement to drop charge Featured

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MACHIAS - A 20-year-old Lewiston woman has agreed to testify against her former boyfriend, who is accused of murder in the shooting death of a New Gloucester woman last year in Cherryfield.

Quaneysha Greeley did so in exchange for the state agreeing to drop the murder charge against her.


“This makes it so she's got incentive to tow the party line and...,” said her attorney Jeffrey Toothaker of Ellsworth.


“Behave,” said her other attorney, Dawn Corbett, outside of the Washington County Superior Court in Machias.


“And behave,” Toothaker said.


“And not spend the rest of her life in jail,” Corbett added.


Greeley and New York City resident Carine Reeves, 37, whose street name is “Terror,” are both charged with murder in the shooting death of 55-year-old Sally Shaw last year in Cherryfield. Her body was found along Route 193 on July 19, 2017.


On Wednesday, Greeley entered a plea agreement where she pleaded guilty to two lesser felony charges and agreed to testify for the state against Reeves in exchange for the murder charge against her being dropped.


“Quaneysha Greeley pled guilty to two counts, hindering and a [drug] trafficking charge,” Corbett said. “The conditions behind the plea deal are that she testify against Careen Reeves when he is brought to trial.”


Shaw was shot in the head once and a .45-caliber bullet casing was found about six feet from her body, according to court affidavits.


Reeves was in Maine selling drugs.


“Sally Shaw had become involved in the drug trade with Mr. Reeves,” John Alsop, assistant attorney general for the state, told the judge.


The plea agreement holds Greeley responsible for her role in the crimes. She faces up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000 if convicted of either of the crimes she admitted too committing.


“It will reduce her sentence,” Corbett said of the plea agreement. “And hopefully, the murder charge will be dismissed.”


Reeves was recently convicted of assault in New York. No date has been set for Reeves’ murder trial in Maine. If convicted of murder, he would face 25 years to life in prison.

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