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Wednesday, 19 September 2018 17:01

Restaurant is giving lobsters marijuana Featured

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SOUTHWEST HARBOR - A Southwest Harbor lobster restaurant is taking a different approach to killing lobsters by giving them marijuana.

 Charlotte Gill is the owner of Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound in Southwest Harbor.


She's trying to start what she thinks should be an industry standard for how people kill lobsters.


"What I want to do is I want to offer a way that I feel and have seen is truly painless for the lobster," said Gill.


She said lobsters have receptors which allow them to utilize cannabis so she put a lobster into a box with a lid and tested it.


"We retrofitted it with basically a straw that just goes done through the top of the lid all the way down to the bottom," she said. 


Gill said the lobster is getting exposure through a variety of ways like their eyeballs and gills.


"Within just a few minutes they're completely exposed," she said.


Gill said with the testing that they've done already the lobsters seem to be more in calm state and less fearful when she goes to take them out of the tank.


"Taking the lobster out afterward and seeing the difference of the lobster that does not have the bands on, but yet you can touch its claws and it's not clamping at you or flapping its tail," said Gill.


She said one of the questions that kept coming up was if somebody eats this meat are they going to have cannabis in their system afterward.


Gill said they did drug tests on individuals who ate lobsters that were cooked at various temperatures. She said there was no evidence of it in the individual's system, "even after consuming copious amounts of the meat you still don't have it."


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