Friday, 14 September 2018 10:20

LePage irate over rejection of elderly tax bill

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AUGUSTA (WGME) - The governor is lashing out at lawmakers again -- this time over what he considers unfinished business that would have helped some of Maine's elderly.

Gov. Paul LePage is angry that the Maine Senate and members of his own party -- in particular Senate President Michael Thibodeau -- left a bill tabled that he says would help elderly Mainers struggling to pay their property taxes keep their homes.


"Mike Thibodeau, Garrett Mason, Troy Jackson in the Senate will not take up the elderly bill. They are the most ridiculous people in the world," LePage said.


"And I know that Mike Thibodeau doesn't like me. And I know Mike Thibodeau is termed out. But that's no reason to hurt the elderly people in the state of Maine," he said.


"And I will tell you, if the Republicans are the ones holding this bill back, I hope that the Republicans get destroyed in November," he said.


While there was no immediate response Thursday from the Senate president, a counterpart, the Democratic House speaker questioned why LePage waited until Veto Day to raise the issue.


"For all of these months that he is complaining about, that bill has been tabled in the Senate for quite a while. He should be having personal conversations with the Senate president," Rep. Sara Gideon, speaker of the House of Representatives, said.


LePage said there is a high likelihood he will call another special legislative session to deal with unfinished legislation he submitted, like the elderly bill.


"If they don't want to do their jobs, then I'm not going to let them campaign. They're going to be in this building and they're going to be working," he said, adding that this was the most dysfunctional legislative session in recent history.