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2 Maine murderers go before state's high court

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PORTLAND - Two Maine murderers went before the state's highest court on Wednesday, one to appeal his conviction and the other to appeal his two life sentences.

Anthony Lord, who went on a deadly shooting rampage in 2015 that left two Maine men dead and others wounded, is asking the Maine Supreme Judicial Court to adjust his two concurrent life sentences.

Two years after the shootings, Lord pleaded guilty to two counts of murder, as well as attempted murder and arson.

His attorney is arguing that the sentencing court should not have considered several other crimes committed during his crime spree in determining his basic sentence ... and that they used his status as a felon in "double counting."

Robert Burton of Abbott was convicted of murder and illegal possession of a firearm last year in the shooting death of his ex-girlfriend, Stephanie Gebo, in 2015 and was sentenced to spend 55 years in jail.

Burton's attorney is arguing the conviction should be thrown out because the trial court should not have allowed Burton's prior convictions for burglary and theft to be used, and for issues around juror questions.

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