Wednesday, 12 September 2018 13:04

Major mobile companies' merger on hold

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BANGOR - The Federal Communications Commission's putting a major merger on hold and Instagram's efforts to improve its credibility were among the topics generating buzz in Wednesday's business news.

More employers are looking for workers and more workers are willing to leave their jobs. The U.S. Department of Labor said the number of job openings in July hit 6.9 million -- the highest on record. The number of people leaving old jobs reached nearly 3.6 million, also a record.


Thousands of steelworkers are looking for more money. Employees at two of the country's biggest steelmakers said revenues are up, thanks to the recent tariffs on imported steel, and that at least some of that profit should turn into raises. They authorized a strike after contracts ran out earlier this month.


The FCC is putting the proposed merger between mobile companies T-Mobile and Sprint on hold for now. Federal officials said they need more time to review documents from the companies.


And social media influencers -- people who make money by promoting products to their followers -- are now in rush to get a little blue badge.


Instagram is rolling out a verification program. Having a verified badge gives an account cachet, meaning more potential viewers and ad dollars.