Tuesday, 11 September 2018 12:46

Change coming to Uber, Subway

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STATEWIDE - Uber's ongoing makeover and a change for Subway were some of the topics that made headlines in Tuesday's business news.

Americans are borrowing. The Federal Reserve said consumer debt jumped more than $16 billion in July - more than twice the total for June. The increase was largely led by student and auto loans.


Credit card debt, which fell in junJune, turned around in July and rose by over a billion dollars.


Apple is expected to unveil upgrades to the iPhone 10 that include bigger screens and on other models, removing the home button. Several reports also suggest improvements to the Apple Watch and possibly a new, upgraded set of AirPods.


Uber has hired its first global marketing chief. Rebecca Messina, a longtime marketing executive at Coca-Cola, is joining the company. Uber has been running a brand makeover campaign after a series of scandals ranging from sexual harassment within the company to mistreatment by drivers.


And Subway is saying so long to the $5 footlong. The company now says it will let each shop decide whether or not to sell the sandwich. Franchisees have said the footlong ate into their profits.