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Lake George cleanup in remembrance of 9/11 victims Featured

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CANAAN - The greenery around Lake George got a facelift on Monday, thanks to some help from about 70 Maine Conservation Corps members.


People picked up trash, repaired stairways and trails, and spruced up the gardens throughout Lake George Regional Park.


"Maine is, well it's an outdoor recreation mecca," said Chantelle Hay, the community outreach coordinator for Maine Conservation Corps. "If you've done any sort of hiking on any trails in Maine, you've probably walked on something that we've worked on."


The Maine Conservation Corps is a state AmeriCorps program, which focuses on what Hay called "behind the scenes" work at Maine's public lands and state parks.


Monday's cleanup was one of many volunteer efforts happening in AmeriCorps programs nationwide this week, honoring the victims and first responders from the 9/11 terrorist attacks.


Daniel Erickson, an AmeriCorp member, said doing a good deed around September 11th was important because they were, "turning something that's horrible in most people's minds and maybe a traumatic experience into something positive... we're doing something tangible for the community at large."


"We can collaborate and be like we've got each other, we've got teamwork, we're a great nation, and we're going to bounce back from this," said Sarah Gensel, another AmeriCorp member, about the timing of their cleanup.


As part of their 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance, AmeriCorps members replaced stairs at the park. They used wood from trees that had naturally fallen around Lake George.


AmeriCorps members said they hold events at Lake George Regional Park, so they wanted to be able to give back locally. People from the area also came out to help the Maine Conservation Corps members.


"I think it's great, plus we're learning from them, they're locals," said Gensel. "They've been around this area before, so it's nice hearing stories from them."


Maine Conservation Corps members take on similar projects throughout the state. To get involved for next time, those interested are asked to visit their website.

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