Monday, 10 September 2018 16:13

Big Pharma fighting low-cost drug makers

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STATEWIDE - More twitter tariff talk and Big Pharma's fight against the makers of low-cost drugs were making headlines in Monday's business news.

More back and forth over tariffs between the White House and Ford after the automobile manufacturer announced that it is stopping plans to import an entry level car made in China because of new tariff.


President Trump tweeted that the company should make the car in America. Ford said it would not be profitable to build the car in the US. The Ford Focus Active was supposed to go on sale in the U.S. next summer.


There was a similar exchange between the president and Apple last week as Apple warned about higher prices on products like the Apple Watch, AirPods and the Mac Mini because of tariffs. The president responded on twitter by saying "make your products in the united states instead of china."


Meanwhile, questions are being raised about companies making and marketing certain versions of drugs that sidestep the normal FDA testing process.


The companies are known as drug compounders and work like pharmacies by remixing drugs but at a large scale, resulting in lower prices. The Wall Street Journal said a number of pharmaceutical companies have filed lawsuits against these compounders to stop them from production.