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Local businesses donate to veterans in need

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PENOBSCOT COUNTY - Some local businesses stepped in to help some veterans and their families.


Hartt Transporation Systems, Inc. has donated a steer to local veterans in need of food.


Ricky Hughes, the vice president of sales at Hartt, said the company's owner often works with the local 4-H Club and wanted to find a way to put some extra meat to good use. So with the help of the Maine Veterans Project, they were able to fill the freezers of multiple U.S. veteran's families.


Doc Goodwin, with Maine Veterans Project, wrote on Facebook that one of those families "was down to four loaves of frozen garlic bread and just  one quart of picked summer berries to last them this month and next."


Those families didn't want to be identified but picked up the meat Monday night and Tuesday.


Hughes said he was happy to help.


"As a society or as you know, regular Americans, we have kind of an obligation to take care of the men and women who take care of us every day," said Hughes. "I think it's very important for us."


Maple Lane Farms in Charleston also got involved. Goodwin said not only were they the butcher for the donated steer, but they also donated an additional $300 worth of hamburger meat.

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