Wednesday, 15 August 2018 10:52

Ellen's new clothing line, Starbucks' new brew make business headlines

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BANGOR - A popular TV host is moving into fashion and Starbucks goes a little more organic in Wednesday's business news.

Some people's credit scores may be headed up after an overhaul in the way the major credit reporting firms handle some kinds of information. Under an agreement with several states, they are removing some non-loan items that went to collection firms, such as old gym memberships or traffic tickets.


Rising prices are now prompting more people to think small when they go home shopping.


Prices in big cities have been rising fast and in mid-sized cities, Moody's said, they are still up about 10 percent over the last year. But home prices in smaller cities -- ranked 51 to 100 by population -- are up just about 6 percent.


TV host Ellen DeGeneres is moving into fashion. She's teaming with Walmart to roll out a new brand of women's clothes, called EV1. It debuts next month with dozens of items from shirts to shoes.


And plant-based protein has reached Starbucks. For the first time, the chain is offering drinks with protein pulled from plants. The "protein blended cold brew" drinks are in stores now.