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Waldo County cracking down on drug addiction Featured

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BELFAST -  In the past month, Waldo County authorities have responded to eight overdoses and five drug arrests related to trafficking cocaine and heroin. The opioid crisis and drug addiction in general is affecting the entire country, leaving law enforcement and medical personnel to try and solve the giant problem. 

"Law enforcement alone can't handle this opioid problem and drug abuse problem," said Waldo County Sheriff Jeffrey Trafton. "This is going to take all of us, the community as a whole."


Seaport Community Health center offers a recovery program and the Waldo County General Hospital has an Integrated Medication Assisted Treatment Program. They are just two of the numerous ways people struggling with addiction can seek help.


Trafton says that arresting drug dealers isn't the only thing that's going to solve the drug addiction problem. Fighting drug addiction within the community through recovery programs is also a huge help.


"If we take away the customer base maybe the dealers will go away," sayd Trafton.


Dr. Tim Hughes of Seaport Family Practice holds community meetings every Friday at noon in the Belfast Free Library. Citizens get together and talk about drug addiction and ways they can help.


If you're battling drug addiction and seeking help, you can call the Maine Opiate Helpline at 2-1-1.

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