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Newburgh cell tower public hearing 7 p.m. Wednesday

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NEWBURGH - Residents on Route 69 in town who oppose a Verizon cellphone tower are asking fellow residents to attend a Wednesday night planning board meeting about plans for the 190-foot cell tower.

In a 23 to 13 vote, residents at the annual town meeting in June approved a new land use ordinance that allows cellphone towers in certain areas in town, including along the Route 69 hill.

A week after the town vote, planning board members did a site walk-through on the property where Verizon would like to build the tower, which is about half way up the hill.

“There is another actual public hearing on this” at 7 p.m. Wednesday, said Arnold Whittaker, a 32-year Newburgh resident who opposes the project. “So any Newburgh residents that would like to get up to speed they should come because this could effect all of you in a big way.”

Ryan Ward, the planning board chairman, said the hearing allows residents to ask questions and make comments about the proposed Verizon project, before the board makes its final decision.

That decision could be made at Wednesday's meeting.

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