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Abraham Lincoln visits Bangor as part of Civil War reenactment

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BANGOR - A former president visited Bangor on Sunday for the "Drums on the Penobscot Event". Steve and Sharon Wood appeared as Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln for the Civil War reenactment.


The reenactment was hosted by the Bangor Historical Society all weekend, but the "Lincolns" came on Sunday to give the public a history lesson on the sixteenth president's role in the Civil War.


Steve and Sharon Wood said they first started impersonating the presidential couple after Steve auditioned to be in a Lincoln-Douglas debate reenactment.


The New Hampshire couple now goes to schools and reenactments to make the history of the Civil War come alive.


"People make some connections and realize 'oh that's why such and such is the way it is today'", said Steve Wood. "I think the old adage of 'those that don't learn history are doomed to repeat it' is still very apt."


He said something people may not know about Abraham Lincoln is that he had a self-deprecating sense of humor, which he used as a coping method during the war.


The free reenactment event took place at the University of Maine's Bangor campus, and featured two encampments, artillery demonstrations, and acted-out skirmishes.



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