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Woman convicted of killing Belmont man gets 11 years

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BELFAST - A 25-year-old Rockport woman will spend the next 11 years at the Women's Correctional Center in Windham.

In April, a jury found Victoria Scott guilty of manslaughter in connection with the February 2017 stabbing death of a Belmont man.


Judge Robert Murray sentenced Scott to 16 years in prison but suspended five of those years.


Before the judge delivered the sentence, Scott spoke in court, maintaining she was not a violent or aggressive person.


"I will be haunted by what happened in that driveway for the rest of my life," she said.


Authorities said that in February of last year, Scott repeatedly stabbed Edwin Littlefield Jr., 43, in the driveway of a Waldo home they were both visiting.


However, in her emotionally charged plea to the judge Scott never once appeared remorseful. All along, she maintained that she stabbed Littlefield in self-defense. A jury disagreed and convicted her of manslaughter.


Even during Wednesday's sentencing hearing, Scott contended she took a life to save her own.


"I still cannot completely fathom how or why events unfolded as they did," she said.


Family and friends asked the judge to show leniency, while the victim's relatives and friends pleaded with the judge to send her to prison for the maximum allowed by law.


Among those seeking justice for the victim was a pre-teen neighbor who built a bond with Littlefield.


"That I will never see him again is heartbreaking. Not just for me, but for other people. Justice for Ed," Littlefield's friend, Shane Gogan, said.

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