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Shawn Moody talks small business, in-state research at Bangor event

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BANGOR - Gubernatorial candidate Shawn Moody (R) was the guest speaker at a "Conversation with the Candidate" event at the Bangor Public Library.


Locals had a chance to talk to Moody one-on-one. Wednesday's event was hosted by Fusion Bangor, a networking group for Bangor's young professionals.


The Republican businessman said he thinks he'll "be in good shape" for the election, after a recent poll from Suffolk University shows he and Democratic candidate Janet Mills are tied.


Moody said he wants to tackle the opioid crisis. He also said he wants to fix what he called unsustainable healthcare costs for small businesses.


He said small businesses should be able to buy healthcare together in a large pool to keep their rates down.


"Take a florist for example, you might have five or six coworkers. They can't buy group health insurance. So by being able to belong to an association, they may have the buying power of someone who has 5,000 coworkers, and that's when they can drive the rates down and be competitive."


Moody also highlighted research being done at U Maine's Advanced Structures and Composites Center, particularly with engineering of bridges. He also said he thinks investment could come into the state through the university's off-shore wind energy program. He said he would make sure that industry wouldn't encroach on the state's fishing industry.


He said he would look into creating an energy policy for the state, to keep Maine competitive in emerging and existing energy markets.


Moody serves on the University of Maine's Board of Trustees, and spoke highly of the Advanced Structures and Composites Center's engineers, and young professionals across the state.


"People power the economy. It's people. So we got to make sure we keep our talent, keep our young people here in the state and help us grow."


Moody would not comment on Governor LePage's recent request for candidate Mills to resign from her current position as Maine's Attorney General.


Fusion Bangor will have more events with other candidates throughout the month.

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