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Lewiston man hit by stray bullet police say likely from nearby target practice

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TURNER - State Police said Tuesday that they have identified the shooter of a bullet that wounded a Lewiston man Sunday at a disc golf facility in Turner. 

Troopers said a neighbor of the course was target practicing on his own property with a 9 mm handgun and it was one of those bullets which struck Hart, who was several hundred feet away.


The bullet likely ricocheted off an object on the man’s property, which is located on Pearl Road, the same road the golf course is on, they said.


Troopers interviewed the man on Sunday. His name is not being released at this time but troopers said he is cooperating with the investigation. They said that his gun will be examined at the Maine State Police Crime Lab and additional investigative work will be completed before the case is reviewed by the district attorney’s office. No charges have been filed.


Cameron Hart, the man who was shot, said he and his friend were playing disc golf Sunday when a bullet struck him by his upper lip.


Hart, who served in Afghanistan, was quickly taken to the hospital. He said doctors told him if he had been shot in a different part of his face he could have died.


"They handled it very professionally. I'm thankful for all those doctors. They made me feel very comfortable. I've obviously never been shot before. I've been shot at. I've been in war," Hart said.





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