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BANGOR - The temperatures in town reached the mid-90 on Monday but with the high humidity, it felt like 100 ... and it was sweltering.

“100-degrees. Not to bad,” said a man running up Union Street by the pool.

How are you keeping cool?

“We're not. We're not keeping cool. It's hot,” said a couple walking downtown.

“I'm not. I'm wearing corduroys,” responded a woman, who laughed at herself.

“I have this funky drink,” said her friend.

“I'm just not keeping cool,” said another friend, while she held an iced-drink.

“Usually, I stay inside, somewhere it's cold, but today I have to run errands,” said a man walking on Main Street.

The heat index was so high on Monday that the National Weather Service issued a warning.

“We issued a heat advisory for Down East and eastern and central Maine effective until 6 p.m this afternoon for the high heat and humidity,” said Mark Bloomer, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Caribou.

The heat index up in The County reached 88 degrees Monday, and it increased as you moved south.

“In the Bangor area the heat index is 94,” said Bloomer. “They have a temperature of 92 with a dew point of 65.”

It's that high humidity rate that makes the weather dangerous, especially for those with existing health problems.

“I think just to take it easy,” Bloomer said, giving recommendations for dealing with the heat. “To stay indoors where it's cool if they can, and stay well hydrated.”

He suggested wearing a hat or having a sun shade for those who have to work outside, extra water and taking it slow.

And if you think the temperatures are bad outside, try working in a kitchen like the guys at Paddy Murphy's.

“We're drinking water all day. You have too,” said an employees in the kitchen. “No AC in here, just a fan. It's about 120 [degrees].”

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