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Bangor Humane Society celebrates transport program anniversary, helps grieving family to heal Featured

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OLD TOWN - The Bangor Humane Society is celebrating its first anniversary of their transport program. The program brings dogs from outside the state that were at over populated kill shelters to the greater Bangor area.

It gives these animals another shot at life, and sometimes it gives the families another purpose in their lives.

"I wanted to make sure that we got this one. It was a tiring night but it was worth it to get this little monster," said Chip McInnis of Old Town.


Last July, Chip spent 15 hours overnight at the Bangor Humane Society just so he could bring Maggie home to his wife Jaime. He says for the first several hours he sat in the car thinking of their son Dillon.


"His days of playing hockey and things like that and how our life has changed," said Chip.


Dillon was diagnosed with a heart defect when he was 10. He passed away 2 years ago.


"He was fine, cleared to play hockey and fell asleep and didn't wake up," said Jaime McInnis.


Chip said he'd been thinking about getting a dog for awhile.


"We needed something to kinda occupy our time a little bit, our minds...we decided to get one of them as an edition to our family," said Chip.


The Bangor Humane Society has been a part of a transport system for about a year now.


"It started out because, we really had empty kennels here," said Suzan Prendergast, Executive Director with the Bangor Humane Society.


They've adopted about 175 dogs from out-of-state shelters.


"The pets are coming from overcrowded shelters in the southern parts of the country where euthanasia is still the norm," said Prendergast.


Maggie was part of the first transfer that helped to unite a dog destined for death with a family dealing with a loss.


"Nothing will ever fill the void, but she gives us a little purpose. Keeps us going, keeps us on our toes," said Chip.


While waiting in line to bring Maggie home, the McInnis family also made new friends.


"Jamie, Chip and I, we get the girls together a few times to see how they're doing," said Whitney Sinclair, who met Chip while she was standing in line waiting for her dog Ellie.


Forming bonds and lasting relationships. A new addition to the family that helps them get through life a little easier.


The humane society will be changing their transfer program. Instead of a big transport a few times a month they hope to get a transport van so they can bring up smaller groups several times a month.

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