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Hampden accused murderer makes first court appearance, held without bail Featured

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BANGOR - The Hampden man who police say shot and killed his sister-in-law last week made his first court appearance on Monday where the judge ordered that he be held without bail.

"This world is a better place because she was in it," said Dom Crocitto, the ex-husband of murder victim Renee Clark.

Renee Clark feared for her life and in February asked for a protection order against her brother-in-law Philip Clark, who is now accused of murder in her death.

"She asked for help but because it was her brother-in-law she was denied," Crocitto said. "We knew she was scared of him."

The protection order was denied because the statue does not apply to a spouse's siblings, the court document states.

In the request for protection, she listed several instances where Philip Clark threatened her life, saying several times that he would shoot her if law enforcement arrested his brother again for domestic violence assault.

He admitted to Maine State Police detectives late Thursday that he did just that using a green .45-caliber handgun, according to the affidavit released at court on Monday.

"Philip Clark stated that he emptied one handgun magazine of bullets at Renee Clark and then reloaded the handgun and continued shooting," states the affidavit written by Detective Greg Mitchell of the Maine State Police.

He then told detectives that he wrapped her body in plastic, tried to clean up the blood and dispose of the bullet shells and her cellphone. He then drove her car to the airport mall and parked it.

Her body was found, just as he described it, inside her apartment early on Friday and the handgun was found in his adjacent apartment.

"The story should be known. She's not a statistic. She was a person. A magnificent person," Crocitto said. "You've gotta ask when it comes to gun violence: How many? Mr. President, how many have to die before you do something?"

At his first court appearance, Justice William Anderson ordered that Clark be held without bail.

"From what little I've learned about the case from various sources, there seems to be more to this case than what is set forth in the affidavit," said David Bate, the defense attorney for accused murderer Philip Clark.

Bate and Logan Perkins were assigned to the case early Monday.

Her ex-husband, who helped raise her three adult children, said everyone who knew her is grieving.

"We're hurting very, very badly," Crocitto said. "But we're pulling together and love each other and we'll get through this."

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